Bike Ride Challenge: 50 Miles 50 States

A few years ago as I began to bicycle more and more I decided to combine my love of a good bike ride with my desire to travel more, do more, and see more.  So I issued myself this Bike Ride Challenge to ride 50 Miles in 50 States. #50Miles50States

That’s the challenge. It’s not any more complicated than that. Other than 50 miles in these 50 United States there aren’t any rules. The 50 miles don’t need to be done in one day or even one trip.  Take North Carolina, for instance.  I’ve accumulated a couple hundred there by visiting my dad in the Charlotte area but I don’t think I’ve ever ridden more than 25 miles in any single trip.  Some of the miles have been on my bikes on the road and single track and hiker/biker paths.  Some of the miles have been on my dad’s mega-store quality bike around the neighborhood. Whatever.

fun bike rides in united states
My very simply way of knowing what states I have ridden in…and when. I need to add Costa Rica and Mexico to the list.

When I decided to make sure this bike ride challenge happens in my life I put together the map that you see.  (Current as of December 2018.)  The first thing I did was color in the states that I have lived in; Kansas, Maryland and Oklahoma.  50 miles? Easy.  Then I colored in Missouri.  After all, many of my rides from the Kansas City area cross in to Missouri and I often ride around Graff, MO, the childhood home of my wife, when we are visiting the in-laws.

Then it was a matter of getting started.  Now, I do have an advantage; I travel for work.  Often my work as a Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty will send me places. So when I travel for work the first thing I do is see if there are any decent bicycles for rent around where I am going.  If so, we’re good to go.  If not?  Well, I bought this Thule travel carrier for whatever bike I choose to travel with.

Take the Challenge: #50Miles50States
Would you like to play along?  Then comment below, or better yet, follow this website. We can create a community here to encourage each other and cheer each other on.


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