Chase County, Kansas

Flint Hills, Kansas Gravel Riding

I often have the pleasure of riding my bicycle in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Rolling. Rugged. Steep and flat.  And in the spring, emerald green.  As I pedal the miles away I am often torn between riding for time and miles or, as what usually wins out, is that I ride and stop, ride and stop, ride and stop and wonder.  The rides are for thinking, exercise and prayer.  The stops are to photograph, observe and to wonder.

Fascination has always clouded my logical thinking when I come upon structures that time has forgotten.  Of course, this isn’t true with just the Flint Hills…yet the wonder is especially amplified as I pass through this rugged land.

The photographs used in this post were taken on April 20, 2019 on a 32.96 mile ride through Chase County, Kansas.

Gravel Riding Kansas
An unnamed tributary of Buckeye Creek flows over an otherwise dry road.
Gravel riding in Chase County, Kansas
When you look back in time you see the men wrestling with the cattle to get them where they want them. Note the storage barn built above flood stage of the creek from the previous picture.
Flowers in bloom on the Flint Hills
A small concrete foundation remains. These flowers remain. The family and their stories are long since gone…as are the integrity of the structures they left behind.
Kanza gravel biking
Riding in the Flint Hills is a surprise to riders from all over the world. The endless stacatto of each rise and fall in a cloudless sky…humidity rising.
gravel riding in Kansas
Some see this and think…Kansas, boring. Yet when I ride I feel at one with my surroundings and the God that made me. This is a time to reconnect with our soul. No stop lights. No cars dangerously close. Only the sound of an endless array of birds.


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