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Why I Ride My Bike

This morning I was watching a newer video by GCN – Global Cycling Network that had tips on how to know if you have lost sight on why you ride your bike.  And it got me to thinking about Why I Ride My Bike.

I’m +50 years old and sit in an office most of my work days and talk with people. Not many calories burned there.  When I ride, I like my body.  I breath better, feel better, sleep better.  I look better.  When I take extended time off the bike, all those positives begin to dissipate.

Another reason why I ride my bike is hidden in the first reason; I talk with people all day.  Happily, my work office sits right in front of a paved trail that can take me on a 33 mile loop. I can get on my bike and just ride. Then I can think…or not think.  I can ponder issues to be tackled or I can just consider my cadence and speed.  Or I can choose to concentrate on any wildlife I may see.  It’s “me” time.

In all of us there are contradictions.  I like my “me” time to recharge. And I like to ride with like minded bicycle riders.  In fact, I lead a Meetup group here in Olathe, Kansas called BOB – Bicycling Olathe and Beyond.  We have strictly social rides and we have rides that go out for 50-60 miles.  Generally, people group themselves pretty well.  You can really get to know people when you spend 4 hours with them cycling week after week.

Perhaps most importantly, I love feeling the wind through my hair as I zig zag down a street switching my body weight from one side of the bike to the other.  Now, those of you that know me know I don’t have any hair, so that may have been figuratively speaking, mind you.  The point is, riding a bike is just plain fun for me.

I would love to hear from you why you ride your bike now that I have shared with you why I ride my bike.

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Chris Lengquist

Husband. Father. Bicyclist. Jayhawks basketball fan. Real estate guy. I am the father of four children, one of which succumbed to mental health issues at twenty years old. Along side my work in the real estate world I fight to bring awareness to the struggles of people with disabilities and mental health issues and for the families that love them. And since two of our children are adopted, that is an issue near and dear to my heart, as well.

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