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My bike compulsion started simply enough as a way to lose some weight and then turned in to an insatiable need to ride.  It’s a need that fulfills my health goals, my travel goals, my wanderlust and my imagination.

This site is devoted to sharing my love of bicycling and to encourage others to turn off their televisions, put down their social media and leave their work behind…if only for a few minutes, hours or days.
As they say in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida.”  Riding a bike is Pure Life.


stories about cycling
Stories, tales and adventures by bicycle.


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noun: bicycle; plural noun: bicycles
  1. a vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel.
noun: compulsion; plural noun: compulsions
     2. an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way…

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