Why I Ride My Bike

This morning I was watching a newer video by GCN – Global Cycling Network that had tips on how to know if you have lost sight on why you ride your bike.  And it got me to thinking about Why I Ride My Bike.

I’m +50 years old and sit in an office most of my work days and talk with people. Not many calories burned there.  When I ride, I like my body.  I breath better, feel better, sleep better.  I look better.  When I take extended time off the bike, all those positives begin to dissipate.

Another reason why I ride my bike is hidden in the first reason; I talk with people all day.  Happily, my work office sits right in front of a paved trail that can take me on a 33 mile loop. I can get on my bike and just ride. Then I can think…or not think.  I can ponder issues to be tackled or I can just consider my cadence and speed.  Or I can choose to concentrate on any wildlife I may see.  It’s “me” time.

In all of us there are contradictions.  I like my “me” time to recharge. And I like to ride with like minded bicycle riders.  In fact, I lead a Meetup group here in Olathe, Kansas called BOB – Bicycling Olathe and Beyond.  We have strictly social rides and we have rides that go out for 50-60 miles.  Generally, people group themselves pretty well.  You can really get to know people when you spend 4 hours with them cycling week after week.

Perhaps most importantly, I love feeling the wind through my hair as I zig zag down a street switching my body weight from one side of the bike to the other.  Now, those of you that know me know I don’t have any hair, so that may have been figuratively speaking, mind you.  The point is, riding a bike is just plain fun for me.

I would love to hear from you why you ride your bike now that I have shared with you why I ride my bike.

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